1 - Who invented the modern day piano?

a.) Steinway b.) Cristofori c.) Bach


2 - Who was Lester Polfus?


3 - Who invented the solid body guitar?


4 - What instrument did Leo Fender, the inventor of the Fender electric guitar, play?


5 - A plectrum is used on which instruments?


6 - How many keys are on a piano? How many are white and how many are black?


7 - What instrument group does the piano belong to?

a.) percussion b.) woodwinds c.) neither a nor b


8 - Who was the first composer to introduce the clarinet to the orchestra?


9 - Which famous Hollywood celebrity plays the clarinet?

a.) Julia Roberts b.) Woody Allen c.) Steven Spielberg


10 - Where was the modern French Horn developed?

a.) Germany b.) France c.) Japan


11 - How long is the tubing of a French Horn?


12 - Where was the saxophone invented?

a.) USA b.) Germany c.) Belgium


13 - What instrument group does the saxophone belong to?

a.) brass b.)woodwinds c.) percussion


14 - Where was J. S. Bach born?

a.) England b.) Germany c.) Austria


15 - Who was NOT one of J. S. Bach's composer sons?

a.) C.P.E Bach b.) J.C.F. Bach c.) P.D.Q. Bach


16 - What instruments did Beethoven play in addition to the piano?


17 - Who was Jacob Gershowitz?


18 - Who is known as "the father of the classical guitar"?

a.) Jose Feliciano b.) Andres Segovia c.) Eric Clapton


19 - What Broadway conductor was also a Catholic priest?


20 - When was tablature, the type of music notation used by many of today's guitarists, invented?

a.) The 1950's by Les Paul b.) The 1300's for lute playing c.) the 1960's by The Beetles



1 - Cristofori

2 - Les Paul

3 - Les Paul

4 - saxophone

5 - A plectrum is also know as a pick and is used on the guitar, other similar stringed instruments and the harpsichord.

6 - 88 keys in all. 52 are white and 36 are black

7 - a.) percussion

8 - Mozart

9 - Although Woody Allen is know for his clarinet playing, all three actually play the instrument!

10 - a.) Germany

11 - 12 feet when uncoiled

12 - c.) Belgium

13 - b.) woodwinds

14 - b.) Germany

15 - c.) P.D.Q. Bach

16 - The violin and the organ.

17 - George Gershwin. Jacob Gershowitz was his birth name.

18 - b.) Andres Segovia

19 - Father Alphonse Stephenson, who was the conductor of A Chorus Line

20 - b.) The 1300's for lute playing.

Here are some FUN and interesting FACTS about music. How many questions can you answer correctly? Some are fill in the blank and others are multiple choice. Scroll to the bottom of the questions to see the answers. NO PEEKING !

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