Here are fun photos submitted by the teachers at Westwood Music Studios. Some pix are of them performing music while others captured them doing the different things they enjoy!

Nancy and Sensei Ogasawara Photo
Nancy and Sensei Ogasawara Photo 2
Nancy and Sensei Ogasawara
Early sitting on the wing of a sail plane.
Early sitting on the wing of a sail plane.
Hans hiking in the woods. Photo
Hans performing at the piano. Photo
Hans playing the guitar. Photo
Hans performing ......
Hans relaxing during a hike.
Herb Maitlanst with percy Jones. Photo
Kathleen in Tonga. Photo 2
Aurora and the guitar. Photo
Kathleen in Tonga.
Aurora showing her approval of Vinnie's guitar playing.
Vinnie and Aurora. Photo
Vinnie in the studio.  Photo
Hans and his wife hiking.  Photo
The Erickson's enjoying the outdoors.
Vinnie and Aurora in the great state of MAINE.
Jason DeGeorge boating
Jason DeGeorge at the helm.
Jennifer adn her dogs.  Photo
Jennifer Cece doing yoga
Jennifer and her dogs.
Jennifer leading a yoga for performers class.
Aurora playing the violin. Photo
Aurora, Nancy and Vinnie's Akita, playing the violin.
Dave Ross playing the guitar. Photo
Dave Ross with his guitar. Photo
Dave Ross and his guitar!
Jennifer Cece with fellow musicians. Photo.
Jennifer with Rosemary Waltzer and Dennis S. Dougherty.
Herb Maitlandt performing with Percy Jones.
Vinnie in his teaching room, overlooking Westwood Ave.
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