Filling the world with music, one student at a time
Westwood Music Studios

WELCOME TO WESTWOOD MUSIC STUDIOS. Established in 1993 by husband and wife musicians, Vincent Musco and Nancy Triggiani, Westwood Music Studios is dedicated to providing quality music lessons to students of all ages, levels, and needs.


The study of music is a fun, enriching endeavor, which promotes creativity, develops fine motor skills, instills focus and discipline, and perhaps most importantly, is a wonderful form of positive self-expression. It is essential to study from the very beginning with a qualified teacher who has the ability to properly instruct and nurture each student on an individual basis. Our students range from very young beginners to college-bound music majors, adults, and senior citizens.


Westwood Music Studios has a full staff of professional music educators who are carefully selected not only for their outstanding musicianship, experience, and passion for teaching music, but also for their strong values and ethics. Our teachers hold college degrees, are specialists in the instrument they teach, and perform professionally in the New York area.


Lessons are offered on piano, guitar (classical, jazz, rock, and fingerstyle), bass, drums, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, French horn, tuba, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, voice, and music theory. Ensemble groups and rock band classes are also offered. Westwood Music Studios hosts recitals for its students, and also provides venues for the rock bands and ensemble groups to perform publicly.


All of our lesson rooms are spacious, and parents are always welcome and invited to sit in on the lesson, or if they prefer, to relax in our comfortable waiting room.


With an understanding of today’s economic and scheduling demands, Westwood Music Studios does not require signed contracts or prepayment for the semester or month. Lessons may be paid for weekly.


Westwood Music Studios is a family-owned and operated business with a warm atmosphere where everyone is respectfully treated as an individual, not just another customer. The primary goal is to bring out the best in each student, and make music an integral part of their lives.



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Westwood Music Studios Filling the world with music, one student at a time